living room rearranged.

for some reason i hadn't taken the time to make this current home cozy and homey.
i hadn't taken out the little extra candle holders, vases, nor frames, that tie a room together.
things have been a little boring.
in analyzing why i've ignored making this house a home, i realized that perhaps i just didn't think we'd be here long enough to make it worthwhile.
we signed only a 9 month lease (which has been extended, essentially now a month-to-month).
we make less money than in the past, keeping me from going out to buy anything for the home.
then i realized i've lived a life of moving...nothing has been permanent.
in my 31 years i've lived in 10 different towns and 20 different homes.
that breaks down to a new home every year and half and a new town every three years.
see why it's hard for me to believe we're staying in this new city for the long haul?
well, all that aside, i've made this living room a little more homey.
and it didn't cost a dime.


  1. I've always loved the painting of the beach. Looks great. Maybe you can come help me in my home. I just don't know how to do it very well.


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