map project.

recently i noticed a little map project on pinterest.
(photo from here)
it got me thinking about a map project of my own.
i liked the idea of the map subjects: where we met (cotati, ca), married (carpinteria, ca), and honeymooned (chamonix, france).
notice all our locations begin with the letter c (though, we did go to paris as well, if i'm perfectly honest).
we had everything i needed to get started:
an old map of northern and southern californa.
the largest paper punch in my little collection.
some cardstock.
a perfectly matched frame.
i'll have to continue the search for a similarly colored map of france and a frame that displays all three images.
i love that our "met" location also shows where we went to college-rohnert park, where we got engaged-bodega bay, and the first 3 towns we lived in together-santa rosa, petaluma, and napa.
i love that our "married" location also includes our hometowns-mine being goleta and his being santa ynez.


  1. Absolutely LOVE! Yours are better than the pinterest ones. Doiley shapes are way better than hearts!

  2. LOVE this, too!! Great, great idea!!


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