fall blogger interview: peas n carrots

(jenny and me in santa barbara back in april)
to usher in fall i thought i'd interview a few real life blogger friends.
jenny and i met in junior high...way before 'blog' was even a word and yes, maybe before either of us had ever set eyes on the internet.
i love jenny, i love following her little family via the blog (peas n carrots), and i love her simple approach to life.
i hope you love it as well.

1. what inspired you to start writing your blog? what is the focus of your blog?

"The focus of my blog is just our everyday life. The kids, our attempts at urban homesteading, sewing projects, family adventures, and homeschooling. I have always been one to journal and I LOVE my journal that I kept when my first two kids were in the belly and new. The transition from two kids to three was very smooth except I was so BUSY! I no longer had the time to sit and journal, and I missed it. I felt like memories of my youngest's life would slip past and be nearly forgotten. I started the blog to keep record of my kids' lives, for them, and for me. I can type way faster than I can write and I add WAY too many pictures. I love that I now have this record of our lives together. I also love to celebrate motherhood, and try to do so on my blog."

2. what do you look forward to most in the fall?

"Nature walks with the kids. We live near a lake with oaks everywhere. We love to gather acorns, acorn caps, and pinecones. We also identify animal tracks and scat. Yes, scat....the kids love it. :) In the Summer, we can't go for these nature walks because we have rattlesnakes where we live. We definitely miss these walks in the Summer. Now, when I feel those late evening breezes that hint of Fall, I crave those nature walks. Its a very peaceful way to start our day."

3. what's one budget-friendly fall date idea with your love?

"I love to go out to the coast in the Fall, just as it's beginning to turn cold. Bowls of clam chowder, warm jackets, and watching the waves. Plus, Grammy watches the kids for free. Hooray for free babysitting!"

4. can you share a favorite (vegetarian) fall time recipe?

"Roasted Roots. Cut up red potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots into large but bite size chunks. Fill a large ziplock bag. Oh, also add some whole garlic cloves to the bag. Add a drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle in some garlic salt and Lawrey's seasoning salt or any other herbs and spices you like (something spicy would be yummy). Shake the bag (I have my kids throw it around a bit). :) Dump contents of bag into a greased 9 x 13 and put in the oven at 400 until fork tender. Simple but yummy and healthy side dish."

thanks jenny!

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