so many choices.

i spent some time clicking through kitchen inspiration today online.
it's so hard to decide what direction to go in.
do you have a favorite?


  1. I'd say my fav is the second down. But three out of the four are quite similar. Looks like you are picking light colored (near white actually) and airy ideas. That darker one with lots of wood tons stands out as different from the 4. I'd think if you went with a light tone with little pops of your fav color ;), I think you'd like it. Just going by what I see in the similarities of your choices. Funny, just came from pinterest and was admiring these choices of yours. :) Miss you. Have fun

  2. I like the first one for you and the last one for me! I think you could pull off a patterned wall paper. Is the floor painted in image 2?

  3. yes, kim...the floors are painted in the second. and jenny, i agree...there are so many white/light kitchens i like online, so maybe going that way is best.

  4. I realize this is an older post but it just caught my eye!
    I really like the second (it kind of looks like your house now) but how cool would the third one be in your house!!


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