500th post.

wow, my 500th post.
i was about to sit down last night and post a less than stellar idea, when i realized it was going to be my 500th post.
so i skipped yesterday's post in order to think things through for this 500th.
i've decided to list the 5 best things about my blogging experience on this day.
1. reflection:
my blog is basically a journal of my little life. i enjoy the reflection blogging provides me around these everyday things that go on here in my world.
2. photos:
when i have the time and energy (seems like very little lately) to get out with our camera and snap pictures of the life all around, i love that the blog provides a place for me to keep them.
i've enjoyed connecting with friends, family and strangers through this online world.
4. going back:
i love that i have a place to travel back in time across the few years that i've blogged and visit the experiences and emotions i've been through.
5. the unknown:
blogging is a business for some, which always makes me wonder what simply blythe could perhaps become in the future as it evolves....or doesn't.
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