here it comes.

i have a confession to make.
friday night as we locked up the little shop, a co-worker squealed as she realized the city had started lighting the trees in old town.
a holiday season tradition.
she excitedly told us that 94.3 had become santa radio, playing only christmas music, all the time.
i quietly smirked and thought, 'it's way too early'.

but saturday morning, home alone, and heating the oven to make scones...what did i do...i dialed the radio for a little santa.
yes, it's early....yes, we still have thanksgiving plans to attend...but, what is it about christmas music?
how appropriate that the first song i heard was, "we need a little christmas".
'put up the tree before my spirit falls again'...ok, i'll wait until we're at least settled into our new home (just one week and counting).


  1. Love this post! If it makes you feel better about your early Christmas music listening, I had my Christmas village up Nov. 1st! I wanted to get the tree right away, too, but I gave in and we are waiting until the day after turkey day. So fun! Can't wait to see pics of your new Christmasy home!


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