the kitchen has gone...

after carefully choosing colors that we thought wouldn't scream at us or be too deep or overpowering, our light blue-ish kitchen ended up rather grey instead.
so, we're running with it.
we both shared the idea to take the cabinets even darker grey.
this morning i hopped online for a little grey kitchen inspiration.
here white subway tile keeps things bright as does the white countertop.
and wine storage in a kitchen always makes us feel right.
(hey, our decade-plus in wine country made an impact.)
the addition of a light colored wooden table adds work surface while perhaps warming the room a bit.
i also like their use of glass cabinet doors.
the darkest in the bunch...and maybe a bit too dark.
added lighting under the cabinets to bring in brightness.
and i like the open cabinet shelving.
(images from here, here and here.)

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