this house.

i guess it's my week to vent about our new house.
d has worked so hard to get the ceilings, floors, and walls in shape to live in (without the original outdated issues, oddities, and smells).
he has done a fabulous job.
we're both proud of all his work.
yet, we are so overwhelmed by the remaining projects that spring to mind as we attempt to live in this space.
what overwhelms him today: the light switches and outlets have countless paint marks and grime from years of use...just throwing new switch plates over them won't change it enough, they need to be replaced to look more presentable.
what overwhelms me today: maybe 1000 square feet is just more space than we need...this house feels too big.


  1. Yea!! So exciting that you are in the new house! I look forward to seeing the updates as you two settle in :) xoxo

  2. I'm sure over time you will wonder why you ever thought your house was too big. :)

    Switching out light switches isn't too hard at all.


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