today my twin sister and i turn 32.
it ain't no thang.
really, the numbers don't mean a whole lot.
the life is what matters.
well today, i woke up to a little treasure hunt.
beside the bed was a note with the letter A on one side, it explained that i needed to follow clues to find the letters that would spell out my gift.
so off i went, across and back across our home, finding my hints and putting a word together...yes, i needed a verbal second clue one time.
the tricky clue read 'did you take the blue pill or the red pill?' and i went right to my prenatal jars...wasn't there.
i knew it was a reference to the matrix trilogy (we recently gorged on all three in a couple days), but for whatever reason i didn't realize the clue was waiting for me inside the dvd case.
and the word that the letter spelled out?
i received a series of pilates classes at a local studio i'd tried when we first moved to colorado.
i haven't been in over a year now...can't wait to get back.
and i must say a huge thank you to my love, my d.
and a thank you for the canon power shot that took the above image.
another morning gift from my mil and phil (mom and dad-in-law).
and a happy birthday to you, lindley, i am honored to share it with you.


  1. What a fun way to start your birth-day!! Hope you have a wonderful 32nd year! Happy birthday to you and Lindley :)

  2. Creative David. Wow. Thanks Kim. It was so fun enjoying dinner and dessert together. I love you and LOVE sharing February 16th with you! ...thanks to Steph too.


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