check her out.

yesterday i got lost in bea johnson's zero waste life.
i found her via sunset.
i watched their videos about her.
i then showed them to my mom.
i later showed them to my sister.
in the evening i showed them to d.
i googled bea johnson and found links to her all over the place.
in a continued effort to simplify i think i'll adopt some of her great wisdom.

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  1. I just found her this week too!!!! But now, I'm forgetting where it was....a magazine i think. I'm glad you found her blog and posted it here b/c I didn't know she had one. Now I can be inspired more. We were working towards this direction last year (not zero waste, but just making waste changes) and got off track. I've been wanting to get back on track again. Thanks for the link. Oh, and this reminds me, I keep wondering if you're going to go the cloth diaper route?


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