date night outfit.

i have to say, in preparation for our valentine's date last night i was unmotivated by my wardrobe options.
maternity clothing has been a real battle for me.
i've most often felt frumpy, blimpy, or dull in the dressing rooms at multiple stores, and therefore have bought very little.
which means i repeat the same (rather boring) outfits day in and day out.
yesterday i was on a mission to find something to spruce things up for our outing.
and it was target to the rescue.
after trying on an armful of their maternity items and finding nothing, i ventured into the regular clothing and thought, well, maybe if i just go up a size or two...(despite the advice i'd read about that making you look bigger).
and finally, my eyes settled on this boyfriend cardigan.
long enough to cover my entire belly and still fitting around the back and shoulders well, it was a keeper.
it was the color boost i needed to feel alive for our outing.
i paired it with my old navy maternity jeans, a long white maternity tank, my zebra sanuks, and a gold and aqua necklace from my mom.
i finally felt presentable despite my growing bod...because no, i'm not one of the gals enjoying the 'bliss' of pregnancy.
i am happy and i am honored to be growing a little boy inside of me, but i'm looking forward to may when he is here to hold and the shrinking can begin.


  1. I love your honesty and know what you mean but I think you look like a cute and stylish mom every time I see you. I love you and Nicolai!

  2. I am sure it's all worth it - I've never been pregnant, but I can imagine trying to dress for date nights can be difficult when sporting a baby in your belly, LOL. But good to know that you were able to find something that you liked and looked good in! :) I am sure your man would've liked you in whatever you wore. :)


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