on sundays d and i typically go to the library.
i notice that each week, i sort of gather books along a theme.
this week i got these two books.
can you tell what's on my mind?
the 100 thing challenge:about a guy who got rid of all but 100 of his personal possessions.
not buying it: about a woman and her partner, who decide to buy nothing but the essentials for one year.
think you could do either?
i'm feeling inspired.


  1. Oh! Sounds like a good challenge!

  2. Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's "Animal, Vegetable and Miracle"? I think it could almost fit in your theme but dealing with what we eat. It's an amazing book and changed my life. I curious to see where your new books lead you...

  3. yes, i have heather...thanks.
    d and i would love to get our garden going here and raise some chickens, maybe one day have a homestead, etc.
    the introduction to 'the world in your kitchen' cookbook is what changed our eating to vegetarian.

  4. Thanks for sharing these books...I think I should go grab them because these topics have been heavy on my mind ever since I was pregnant with Olivia! I'm gearing up to have a garage sale and got rid of a bunch of clothes, etc., but I'm still feeling overwhelmed by what I still have :( It's also time to leave behind my "Shop-a-holic" days and simplify/start saving. It doesn't help that I have "First-Time-Mother Syndrome" where I tend to get a bunch of unnecessary things that I THINK I might need. ;) I'm starting to learn about what I can do without, AND I'm also learning to accept hand-me-downs from friends...not EVERYTHING has to be new!


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