3 years of simply blythe.

yes, it's true.
today marks the three year anniversary of this space.
i remember cruising the blog world each morning before work, peaking in on other's lives/interests/thoughts and wondering if i could make a go at my own space like theirs.
i remember sitting down at della fattoria in petaluma on a day off...it must have been spring break...to write my very first post.
it wasn't much more than a declaration that this was mine.
i remember feeling nervous sending my thoughts out onto the net.
now, three years down the road, it's still just a little place for my thoughts, my daily doings, and my photos.
i keep no daily journal, so i often figure it serves that purpose.
thanks to you, for stopping in to keep up with us via simply blythe.
i do hope it makes you simply happy, too.


  1. I have been secretly stalking and enjoying your blog since our cook book blog was started by our mutual friend Stephanie! Just wanted to let you know I check it regularly and love all your posts. I actually found out Stephanie was pregnant through your post and emailed her a link to it asking her if it really was her lol lol Congrats on 3 years and your little one :)

  2. Happy blogiversary! I look forward to reading simply blythe everyday!


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