baby needs.

so, we've been plugging away at a registry for this new little one.
it's tricky.
it's involved a lot of thought about how we want his room to look, which has involved some adding and erasing of items from the list.
at this point it's pretty much blues, greys, vintage industrial, modern...we think.
to tell you the truth, the room is currently a storage mess.
we've been given a lot of hand-me-downs and don't really know what we need and what is just good advertising.
so, you real live moms and dads who have been through this before...what did you get that was an absolute must?
what did you think you needed that you just really never used?


  1. Love this registry that allows a mix of different sources! Very neat!

  2. Great registry. I just skimmed it but the items I'm not sure I saw that I found t be a must for us is a white noise maker for sleep and a little sleep "lovie". For example, Macyn has a small soft fabric square with a bear head on it (sounds weird I know but if you saw it you'd know what I'm taking about) it helped us a lot with sleep training. We bought two so there is always a clean one. We also use our pack and play all the time. We bring it with us if we are going to a friend's house for dinner and rather than leave early to get Macyn and Tru in bed we put them down there. Because we've been putting them down like that since they were really little, they can sleep pretty much anywhere if they have their pack and play, "lovie" and white noise.

  3. thank you heather!
    great suggestions.

  4. Oh my gosh, we just registered this week and it was so much harder than I expected. I feel like I need a consultant! I kind of want to keep things at a minimal and then see what we need once this kid arrives. I have heard that Ergobaby carriers are great and moms seem to swear by the boppy.

  5. A crib, a stroller, a car seat and base, diapers, cloth wipes, a squirt bottle, some nail clippers (the gloves never stayed on this boy, kind of like his socks, the angel care motion monitor, and a nursing "cape". A tank under every shirt and a nursing bra. This way I can pull up the shirt and down the tank with the bra so my belly and back stay (mostly) covered in public.
    I used a big diaper bag in the beginning (and often wished it was a backpack so i wasn't balancing it on a shoulder). Big because we went through so many clothes at that stage. If it wasn't pee it was that lovely yellow poo, and cloth diapers are bulky in the bag along with the clothes. Maybe it was my inexperience in the cloth diaper world (and the fact that I bought used). I hope you have less leaks than we did.
    Those lightweight cotton or bamboo blankets were wonderful for us and still are.
    The sleeping bag thing for the car seat or stroller.
    I think sunglasses are great although Tyden would rather suck on them now but when he didn't think to take them off it was nice to know we were protecting his eyes.
    We never used the boppy to my surprise but did use the bumbo for a bit.
    Tyden loves those plastic, colorful rings,and the sugar chute,his trucks, board books and the spinning top.
    Whoah, enough already huh?!

  6. thank you, thank you...
    these ideas are great...keep them coming.
    much of these extras we have received hand me down, but all of your ideas get us thinking on the right track.

  7. Other than the crib, stroller, car seat and base, diapers, wipes, clothes, and toiletries, I definitely use the SWING (Snug-a-Bunny--it can be plugged in, instead of use batteries)...it serves 2 purposes--1) to entertain and 2) a place for her to nap when she's being a bit fussy and keeps waking up when I put her down (perhaps it makes her feel like she's still being held?) While I DO use a Boppy, I think I would have been fine just using a pillow or two! We use her little SLEEP LAMBIE (which makes the ocean, whale, rain, and gurgling brook sounds), which I forget the official name for now. We also use the "ready-made" SWADDLES because we don't have to figure out the different ways to "swaddle", but any large/thin baby blanket will do--use the muslin blankets for breathability, since it will most likely be warmer in May/June. We don't need/have an infant tub, but it would be nice to have one so that one of us doesn't have to hold Olivia while the other cleans her and we don't have to worry about her banging her head on the faucet. We also have a faucet cover in the bath tub so that when she's a bit older she (or one of us) doesn't get hurt from the sharp sides/corners. Something that we definitely don't use is the changing table...I just change her on the bed (or pack and play) and make sure there's a pad/blanket to absorb what may come flying out! :) Oh! And if he's fussy/gassy, even after you've adjusted your diet (if you're breastfeeding) and tried everything you could possibly do, I would invest in GAS DROPS/Mylicon! I was skeptical at first, but after watching her cry in pain over several sleepless nights that lasted from late evening until 6 am, and many friends and moms swearing by it's magical powers, I caved and started giving it to her yesterday. I'm SO THANKFUL for that stuff because she feels much better (and so do John and I now that we can all sleep)!

  8. thanks again, you all have great ideas.
    cerissa, glad to hear you've found some relief with your new little one.


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