the cloth diaper adventure begins.

thanks to my sister's fine planning and a whole group of friends, we received our stash of cloth diapers at the shower.
 sounds like they need several washings before being super absorbent...so here we go.


  1. I'm so interested in how these work out. We would like to use reusable diapers, too. How did you choose this diaper brand? What were the important stipulations that you two considered?

  2. steph, we chose the bum genius organic all in one diapers which we read about on young house love.
    i think i'll brainstorm a follow-up post for next week...thanks for the questions!

  3. we are using the same diapers! we've been super happy with ours. we started having to put baby in disposables at night because he was wetting through. when they start to get stinky, we do 3 cold rinse cycles with no detergent, a regular wash cycle with detergent and 1/4 cup of bleach, dryer and then lay them in the sun for a full day.


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