an answer.

we found out today that nicolai has e coli (and somehow our child's name rhymes with his first illness).
they've grown a culture and tested different antibiotics against the very e coli from his body and the placenta to discover which antibiotics will best fight it.
now he is receiving that very one.
they'll reevaluate things on his seventh day in the nicu to determine their next steps.
already they are seeing improvements they didn't expect, and though we've been emotional over it all, we are so relieved with how things are going.
 oh, and we got to hold him for the first time (and multiple times) today.
thanks to all of you loving our new little guy from all over the place.
you're so appreciated.


  1. He is so precious! Such special photos of you two holding him. Thank you for sharing eith us via the blog. We are praying for a swift recovery. love you all xoxo

  2. Such sweetness to see you both holding your little boy! I've been staring at your pic Kim and seeing the love and compassion in your eyes. Love you my friend of 26 years and hope to one day hold Nicolai, too!

  3. LOVE these pics!!!!! Look at him snuggled up on his Daddy. So sweet! Love you all.


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