little update.

last night we showed up to drop off a milk delivery at the nicu and nicolai was getting a new iv and a new little bed area in the lowest risk level of the nicu.
he no longer has anything in his noggin nor face.
i found out today at my afternoon visit that they want to keep him on his antibiotic for a full 14 days.
so, the journey home is yet a little ways off.
our thoughts on the matter: we want a very healthy little one joining us and for now he is in the best place to get healthy .
we keep telling him that for now those folks are his very best friends.
we are so thankful for them and trust them completely.


  1. I'm sorry his stay will be longer than anticipated, but thank God for all this technology! And yay for the move into the lower risk NICU. Such a strong boy. And its so sweet to see his little face without wires and such. Such a cute boy!!!

  2. Gosh, so hard. But how great that he's getting stronger and healthier every day. Soon you will be nuzzling him in that nursery you were working on and this time will just have been a bump in the road. Good things to look forward to, such a cute baby!

  3. I love that you are telling Nicolai that the nurses and doctors are his best friends right now. what a great attitude to instill in him now and a great attitude for you and D to have. So inspiring!

  4. Hey my little bud. I miss our visits and watching you grow in strength. Please know I am so proud of you and I'm working to get your cousin healthy so we can visit when you come home. We love you.


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