nicolai grows.

i had always hoped to do the weekly photos to show nicolai's growth.
the plan is to use the cute little white rocking chair from his bedroom and his brand new giraffe from his grandma (baldwin), but life throws you curve balls, right?
so for the week 1 photo at least we'll have to make due with bad lighting, an ugly hospital rocking chair, and awkward angles...etc.


  1. I think this is great! I loved doing the weekly shots with Kian. So fun to see how much they grow. And Nicolai's shots will show so much growth, even moving from NICU to home. Soon enough he will be in that cute rocker at home, in the perfect lighting. :)

  2. And oh, how fast they grow! He will dwarf that cute giraffe in no time! Soon he'll be home and you will be photographing his very waking (and sleeping) adventure. Such a cutie!


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