nicolai's arrival.

nicolai xander made his appearance on saturday, may 5th at 3:42 am via emergency c-section.
he has been in the neonatal intensive care unit ever since.
it's unlikely he'll accompany us home this week, which will be strange, though we know he is getting good care in the nicu.
we have yet to hold him, but will get pictures of that as soon as the time arrives.


  1. Awwww...he's soo cute! Congrats! And I'm saying a prayer so he'll get strong fast so you can take him home soon.

    Congratulations again!!

  2. He is beautiful and I'm sure he'll be better and able to come home soon! Thanks for all the updates! I will continue prayers for his speedy recovery so he can spend 24/7 in his parents arms. He has some lost time to make up for now!!


  3. Congrats Kim! He is adorable!! Praying he gets strong and healthy quickly! Jax was in the nicu for a week, it was no fun, but then he was home and perfect! Hang in there mama, he will be home soon!

  4. A huge congrats to you all. He is amazing...wow! What a handsome guy. I'm so excited to see photos. I look forward to seeing God's healing hand on his life and to see him home in your arms. xo

  5. You have one proud aunt here, Nicolai! Who thinks the world of you...and your parents! I love you.


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