spring cleaning boot camp: nursery.

after our appointment yesterday (that typically lasts 30 minutes) turned into a 6 hour stay in the hospital hooked up to monitors.
we arrived home with a fire lit under us to really get ready for this little mr who is due the tenth (but will apparently be arriving by the week's end...they want to induce on thursday night if there is space for us in the hospital).
so, i got home and reanalyzed the hospital bag, then emptied his little room of any extra junk.
now the nursery looks quite bare, but all in all less is more, i'm certain.
 shelves with his "stuff"
 a closet full of tiny socks, shoes, blankets, hand-me-down carriers, toys for an older guy, and tiny sweaters.
 bed #1, which d also slept in apparently.
our changing station (sans it's tray) and the rocker.
we'll figure out what we need as we go and reorganize as we see fit.

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  1. How exciting for you, he's coming soon! What you'll really need is sleep, and you can't buy that at a babies r us! Luckily, the little one will need a lot of sleep (just not during the night). So do yourself a favor and make naps your new best friend. You will feel so euphoric at first and think you are fine without the sleep, but 2 to 3 weeks in, you will be an emotional wreck. But this too will pass and you will all find your rthymn. Good luck! Hope all goes smoothly!


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