nephew fix: 11 months.

our life has been tyden-less for almost a month now.
soon after nicolai was born, tyden got sick.
with nicolai's low immune system we've been told by doctors in the nicu not to take him to the grocery store or other germ filled public places and not to be near sick people nor those who've been around sick people.
so, the cousins haven't really gotten to hang out.
 now that tyden is doing much better, lindley and i took the boys for a walk yesterday evening and finally got a photo of them "together".


  1. Awwwwwwwwww......love these sweet boys. And love all of Tyden's chub! I miss the "walking with strollers" days. Now my big kids want to ride bikes in the cul de sac instead of stroll down the street. :)

  2. So sweet. These two will be the best of friends, sharing a lifetime of fun and mischief!

  3. Very cute picture! The first of many fun cousin pics!


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