cloth diapering update.

well, we're two months into our parenting adventure and a friend recently asked me to do a diaper update...thanks for the reminder.
we were unimpressed with the newborn sized cloth diapers (which we borrowed, thank goodness) and got a bit worried that our decision was backfiring on us.
the newborn size just didn't work for us.
anytime nicolai needed a diaper change he needed a whole outfit change...they were so leaky.
for those first couple weeks once nicolai was home (at two weeks old) we decided to ditch the tiny cloth diapers, in favor of 'seventh generation' disposables.
then once he was able to fit in the 'bum genius' all-in-one cloth diapers, we gave it another go...with great success.
we have 16 diapers and they've worked out great.
we washed them prior to use, over and over again per the directions, to maximize their absorbency. 
here is our process.
the diapers live in the top drawer of nicolai's dresser/changing table along with reusable wipes (made by a friend) and a spray bottle (to moisten the flannel wipes).
dirty diapers get carried across the hall, to the bathroom, and rinsed off with our 'bum genius' toilet sprayer then thrown into a big 'planet wise' wet bag hanging on nicolai's door (if we had a bigger bathroom i'd keep the wet bag in there).

when we are out and about i take a small 'planet wise' wet bag for a dirty diaper to ride home in.
we wash the diapers about every other day using our regular detergent.
first a cold wash, then a hot wash with an extra rinse.
we dry them on a heavy duty setting.
once a month we add bleach to the hot wash cycle.
the emptied wet bags go into the washing machine with the diapers, then we hang the wet bags to dry while the diapers tumble.
  overall we like that we don't have to have diapers on our grocery list, don't have to spend the money on purchasing the diapers, and aren't adding to the landfill quite as much.
though, we don't know what cost we've added in washing cloth diapers, it's a trade we've accepted.


  1. Thanks for the update!! It's nice to see how these work on a daily basis and the reality of choosing to reduce waste when possible; not the easiest route but totally worth it!

  2. Glad to hear the update! Have you ever considered line drying them? I hear it helps the elastic hold up better, as you can imagine drying on high heat every other day can wear stuff down. What newborn diapers did you borrow? We'll be using NB cloth for the first time this time and I'm a bit nervous. But, if it fails, baby will be in our full stash of OS pockets soon enough. Having done cloth and disposables, I KNOW that cloth has saved us tons of money. We strictly line dry thought too and that's extra savings. Its a very noticable savings if you've done both ways....I think at least.

  3. With our last child we did cloth diapers but there weren't awesome ones like this -- it was plastic pants over top of the towel-like clothes. These are cute and probably a lot better.

    We washed and line-dried about every 2 days. The sun disinfects and saved on electricity bill. I never minded because I'm an outdoor person & they are easy to hang.

    Kudos to you for doing this. You won't regret it. Heck, even today, 20 years later, I still find hanging laundry to be very zen because it reminds me of those sweet times with our baby girl.


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