helping us through our first months as parents.

our angelcare baby movement monitor will alarm if nicolai stops breathing.
it keeps me from checking on him in excess, though i admit there are times i glance in anyway, as he sleeps.
 this is especially helpful after his time in the nicu with the lung infection, which would have left me even more on guard, i'm sure.
(our monitor is only for movement, but there is a combination movement and sound made as well.)
the sweet pea covered boppy has been super helpful for nursing at home and useful for propping nicolai up in as he's grown.
the hooter hider in aero has made it so easy to feed nicolai whenever and wherever we need to pause for a meal.
(images from amazon.)
snuggle 'n comfort musical bouncer has been a great spot for nicolai to hang with us in the living room. 
this is not the design we have (ours is a nature theme with bees, a snail and a dragonfly).
the velcro swaddles by swaddleme have been nicolai's favorite way to fall asleep.
our only difficulty is remembering to fasten the velcro before throwing them in the wash, or they stick to and snag other items in the load.
(images from summer infant.)

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  1. They all work well and you are using all of them daily!


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