pediatric style.

nicolai had his 2 month appointment today.
our pediatrician had moved to a new location since his 2 and 3 week appointments.
their new office is so much better.
i really liked the simple, modern, and colorful decor...so much that i couldn't help but snap some pictures.
i recognized much of it from ikea and target, so i would imagine it was all done on a pretty reasonable budget.
 first patient of the day.
 dad daydreaming in the dandelions.
 pops of color.
 a tiny kids' doorway into a kids' playroom.
 stenciled wall.
greens and browns.
more stencils in our exam room.


  1. that little picture of nicolai makes me chuckle! so cute.

  2. Wow, this is a welcoming space; so fun! And nicolai is too precious!

  3. Makes going to the doctor way more fun when the space is so pretty.


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