only one: kitchen utensil results.

last week we challenged ourselves to clean out the small kitchen utensil canister by the stove.
we had so many items that basically did the same job.
all but the rubber spatula were hidden away.
we tried to do all we regularly do with just that one tool...yes, we cook a lot.
turns out we'll need a few others.
we missed our regular spatula, our pasta spoon, and our small whisk.
but all-in-all we've de-cluttered the canister significantly.

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  1. I love simplifying! It is such a refreshing and rejuvenating experience. I remember always wanting my utensil canister to be simple... it was hard to keep it that way... lol :)

    Darling blog, Kimberly! You've got really great style :) I'm happy I found you!


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