only one: kitchen utensil.

if you know me personally or have simply been reading this blog for a little while, you know i tend to circle back to this idea of simplifying my life, my belongings, my mind.
lately i've thought about our canister of small kitchen utensils (wooden spoons, spatulas, ladles, tongs).
as i collect the items from the drying rack and return them to their homes around the kitchen, i've noticed i've taken to jamming utensils into their canister...they really don't fit.
a typical response is to get a larger canister, but that's not where my mind goes...i start to wonder what we can get rid of.
so i thought, what if i could only have one basic kitchen utensil, which would i keep.
the answer?
a rubber spatula...the thick wedge style.
i happened to ask d the same question and he had the very same answer.
so i've decided to round up some different options for our very favorite tool.

we've already got one, so we'll empty the utensil jug for one week and see how we do with our one beloved item.
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