outside myself.

when nicolai was in the nicu we found out about donor milk.
parents of babies in the nicu whose mothers are unable to pump enough breast milk have the option of supplementing their feedings with either formula or donor milk. 
while i've loved being a stay-at-home mom, it first made me feel a little cut off from the outside world.
my previous jobs were retail manager and elementary school teacher.
both filled with daily interactions with many people.
i felt i needed to contribute to the world outside this little home.
so, i decided to pump and donate breast milk to the mothers' milk bank.
a couple weeks ago we took our first delivery of frozen breast milk to the local drop off site.
and it feels so good to give something to this world.


  1. I clicked over here from another blog...and I've never heard of donor milk! Good for you and I love your happy middle name :)

  2. Kim, this is amazing! I wish I had enough milk to do this but I usually just have enough to keep baby going and often times have to work to keep that supply up. I'm really going to try hard this time.....looking into herbs and stuff. I'd LOVE to feel I had enough to give away. If ever you have the time, I'd love to know more.


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