scar stories...four.

as a result of a bone graft taken from my hip (mentioned last week) i have a scar on the left side of my lower back.
people had told me this would be a painful part of the operation during recovery, though i found that it really didn't bother me at all.
i was expecting to have trouble the first time they got me out of bed to walk afterwards, but there was nothing but some soreness.
there were options to avoid this second cut during the operation by using donor bone for the graft or a special cement.
but given my young age at the time of the procedure (i was twenty-seven), my doctor thought using my own bone would provide the most longevity.
in my mind this scar has always represented that my body can take care of itself.
i've often thought that if i were to ever get a tattoo (i won't), it would read 'heal thyself' along this scar.
(granted i needed doctors' knowlege and skill to enable my body to have a way to help itself...that i will never forget.) 

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