scar stories...one.

"it's just life, we'll get through it."
that's one of my own little mantras.
the roadmap of my life has landed me in a hospital bed quite a few times and left me with a bit of a scar collection.
as a kid, of course, my scars were embarrassing and sadly the inspiration for some peers' teasing and others' endless questions.
as an adult i've noticed the scars often go unnoticed.
my scars are a part of me and my story...a story i couldn't change.
it's just life, we get through it.
the scars have inspired a little photo project to be unafraid.
to live as we are.
so for the next bunch of weeks, i'll post a photo of one of my scars and its story.
short and sweet this week because next week will explain much more.
behind my right ear, up near the hairline is a scar from skin grafts done when i was a young child.
the skin was taken from here and used on my forehead (next week's scar).

1 comment:

  1. a great photo project. we could all stand to be more courageous and unafraid. xo


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