scar stories...two.

this week we'll get to the reason for the skin grafts mentioned last week.
i was born with a hairy nevus on my head that covered my forehead and eyelid on the right.

as a child (under 12) i had six surgeries performed on my forehead and eyebrow.
these were the skin grafts.
eventually, i asked that we stop.
when i was fifteen and still shaving the hair from my forehead that grew through the scars, i asked my parents if we could travel back to stanford to see my plastic surgeon and find out what more could be done.
dr. kaplan put an expander under my skin on the left side of my forehead and for the summer we stretched the skin by injecting saline into its tube system every couple of days.
at the end of summer he used the stretched skin to create a better scar, removed the hair follicles, improved the eyebrow, and removed the bit of nevus still on my eyelid.
when feeling especially critical i can certainly see things i would like worked on again, but all in all this is huge improvement over the previous scars and the original hairy nevus.
i know i am lucky as well that i can wear my hair in such a way that mostly covers these scars.


  1. Wait......16? I thought for sure I still lived in SB that summer of the expander. I remember you having it. Maybe I just visited a lot that summer.

  2. thanks jenny.
    helps to have good friends keeping me in check.
    i changed it to fifteen...correct me if i'm wrong.

  3. That is crazy. I would have never have guessed you had scars on your forehead. Beautiful regardless.

  4. thanks for sharing your story. love you, including your beautiful scars!

  5. Blythe, thank you so much for you post. When I saw the third pic of you I could have sworn it was our daughter Matilda born 2008. Your birthmarks are same size and place but that wasn't it, your beautiful chubby face and gorgeous white hair my husband had to look twice at the picture! Matilda has had 6 surgeries first at 14 months she is now just seven 2 days ago! It has been one hell of a ride complications where wound undid but serial excision over a long period is the route we took her surgeon Miss Ali is truly remarkable as knows Tilda as the fun loving little girl she is not a Nevus patient this has helped so much. Tilda now has a very small mole some scar tissue but mainly lots of stretched healthy skin. She probably won't have surgery now for 6 years ish. But we will see her surgeon every year. Your story is truly inspirational and give us tremendous hope. Ppl don't always understand the impact of such a birth defect and feel we have operated for our desires Matilda was my beautiful angel the moment I pushed her out Drs were rushed in and her mole was described as a large triangular birthmark that plastic would be able to do something about!!! My response can I have my baby now I need her next to me to feed her! Thank you again you have truly helped, Sam. Pls respond I would love to correspond with you if you would like to.

    1. Sam,
      So glad this post has reached a family that can relate and take comfort from it! As a kid I know I was very self-conscious but as an adult it has really never been an issue and I think I've gained a lot of strength over the years because of it all. I hope Matilda can say the same. I'm sure she's a cutie!

  6. Blythe thank you so much for your quick response and support. God bless you and your lovely little family, Sam xxx

    1. Of course!
      Email anytime, I'd love to cheer Matilda on throughout this journey.


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