hello monday.

(lisa leonard style)
hello december.
hello christmas decor and twinkle lights.
hello taking the long way home to find houses aglow.
hello preparations for the annual cookie exchange.
(you can click through past cookie recipes by typing 'cookie exchange' into the search bar above.)
hello new cookie exchange tradition with local girls.
hello warm oven, sweet scents, and tasty goodies.
it's that magical time of year.


  1. Your house looks beautiful. Thanks for stopping over to visit at my "place." I'm going to take a look at the cookie recipes as I'm always looking for something new to try. By the way, I'm just learning my way around the camera (and blogging, for that matter). Your pictures look so clear and bright. Any suggestions for a rookie?

  2. hi wildflower.
    i'm no pro with a camera, but i do like to experiment with lots of different angles and then i do very basic editing with iphoto...often simply using the 'enhance' button.


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