hello monday.

(lisa leonard style)
hello pilates studio...it's been far too long.
hello focus, hello breath, hello to my own body once again.
hello first teeth, bright pink cheeks, and so far a happy little nicolai.
hello nephew's due date come and gone...we're looking forward to your arrival little one.
hello bittersweet anniversary.
we still miss you grammy.


  1. I love this post...A glimpse.

    I am joining Hot Yoga this week. I miss my breath too...
    He looks comfy. And so, so sweet!
    We welcomed a new niece on Dec. 30...She has the longest fingers I've seen!
    Missing someone is bittersweet...They were important and loved.

    Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes Kim.
    I hope the New Year is very good to you all...


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