mac is back.

that's right, after 11 days at the mac shack and our mac is healthy and home again.
it's actually been a nice lesson in being present..staring at the people in my life...interacting with those physically present.
it's taught me that my iphone can access more than i'd been using it for, but with the above lesson learned, i've kept that in check.
really interesting posts, which i've been pondering, here and here.
i want this little boy of mine to remember mama's face turned towards him,  not mama's face lit by some piece of technology in her hand or lap.
he should remember mama looking into his eyes, laughing genuinely for no other reason than that he is laughing and that joy spread to me.
this means i'll be online during naps and/or after his bedtime now, so i can spend a little more time in nicolai's face...because deep down i know, this time is passing quickly, and one day his face will no longer be very small and will no longer be this accessible...who knows where his life will take him...and i want no regrets...i want to know i spent all the time i could with him...nothing was wasted...nothing took me away...nothing mattered more than our little family.


  1. Very well said! Quality time is best for us and those around us...including nature....

  2. Lovely post.
    I hate what technology has done to eye contact. {For some...}

    My Mac has to go in for a HD replacement...I keep putting it off...I have no cell. I pride myself on "no addictions" but I may be fooling myself!


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