in the kitchen lately.

we have been trying new recipes like crazy around here.
for the game yesterday we made sarah carey's greek avocado dip and avocado white bean dip, which we served with ina's easy pita chips.
we also made giada's bocconcini and tomato chutney.
last week we introduced some new dinners to the line up thanks to sarah carey's vegetarian week .
we've checked out heidi swanson's book super natural cooking and liked her risotto-style barley and spice loaves (similar).
her book is worth a thumb through....mark the recipes that catch your eye and gather your ingredients...we renewed our copy already.
think we'll explore meatless this week.
i'll let you know what we find.

1 comment:

  1. thanks for the veggie inspiration! i am going to give Heidi's book a shot as well as How to Cook Everything Vegetarian (Bittman) :)


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