my phrases and words.

when i started teaching full time in 2005 i noticed that i'd adopt a phrase or word and wear it out with so much use.
at times it annoyed me, but got me wondering how it is that i latched onto that particular idea.
now that i'm home with our boy and less concerned (perhaps) with the proper use of words and modeling language for my students, i find i'm making up my own words and phrases, then overusing them like mad.
the lastest:
annoying or clever...don't answer that.
however, i've noticed my language is spreading...david has been caught saying sleepified, i'm sure of it.


  1. Heh heh...

    Funny the in the {self help} book I'm reading the author claims the right as author to create words as he sees fit {fitting...}...

    So I guess it's your prerogative to use whatever made up words fit the situation too!
    {I found I was "yes, yes..." all the time. Ugh. It drove me crazy...}

  2. lol!!! i love this! i have found i do the same! "diapie (diaper)", "tiggle-biggle (tickle)", "seepiez (sleepy)"... i am sure a fly on the wall would think i was crazy lady!


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