wrapping it up.

our valentine's day and my year as a 32 year old.
tomorrow lindley and i turn 33.
i think 32 was a really great year.
but something tells me 36 may be really great, too, so we better get on our way.
last night d and i repeated our valentines outing from last year (a new little tradition, perhaps) while nicolai stayed with lindley and had some cousin time (at her insistence).
in payment for our sitters i made some vegan chocolate maple cupcakes (a brainstorm flavor combination of my own, that they said was really good) and some non-vegan caramel corn.
then we rounded out the delivery with a bottle of old vine zinfandel.
living near family continues to be amazing...makes the little things in life easier.


  1. Without my family near I'd be lost...

    Happiest Birthday Kimberly!
    I hope you have a wonderful year as a 33 year old!


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