the coop tour.

 jenny asked for a tour of the coop, so here it is.
our door is this window, which allows us to check on the inside of the coop.
 looking into our door on the left is their food and water.
 looking to the right are their nesting boxes.
 a close-up of the nesting boxes.
 these walls reveal the coop's past life as a play house.
 here is a view straight in the door looking at the roost bar (though they prefer to sleep up above in the rafters).
 the girls like to hang out in the shade under the coop during the day.
 here is a look at the nesting boxes from outside.
during the day we prop open the window above the nesting boxes. 
 to the right of the last photo the girls have a ladder to climb while they play.
and here is the entrance/exit into their run.

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  1. Thank you! I love it all. Such great ideas. We'll be asking for pointers when we change our HOA's mind on chickens, or when we decide to just flip them the bird (pun intended) and get chickens anyways.


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