14 months old.

nicolai is still walking with the help of his walker toy, our hands, or the wall.
he loves the water, be it a bathtub, splash zone, or the hot tub (on cool).
he likes looking through books and playing with magnets on the fridge.
he's quite the pincher, sometimes drawing blood...try as i might to keep those nails short.
he knows many words now and has started stringing sounds together which he repeats nonstop ("bdom-bdom-bdom-bdom").
he loves the swings and uses the slide on his back at the park.


  1. Who is that handsome fellow? I can't believe how much of the rocker he fills out in just 14 months.

  2. You are SO loved by your Aunt Lindley, Nikster! I'm so happy to be with you when I get to be!!! You are great cousin and nephew and friend. Thanks.

  3. such a handsome little fella'!


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