lucky number seven.

(photo by mary)
marriage is such a thrilling commitment when it's new and later (not that i'm the expert, but i know what it is for me) it becomes a weathered commitment that's seen illness, adventures overseas, career ups and downs, new friendships, growth in the form of our boy...that weathering just helps marriage shine all the more.
i am so happy to still call d my husband...he will always be "my sunny side".

my friend, jeff, read this poem to us seven years ago today as he performed our marriage ceremony near the beach in sunny carpinteria.
i come back to it every now and then, always loving that he chose it for us.

the wedding celebration song
hiroshi yoshino
in order for a couple to be harmonious,
they'd better be foolish.
they'd better not be too worthy.
they should realize that the marriage won't last long if they are too worthy.
they'd better not pursue perfection.
it would be better if they brag that a perfect marriage is an unnatural thing.
one of them should take things easy or should sometimes make mistakes.
even when they blame each other,
they should wonder later whether or not they themselves had a right to blame the other.
when they say the right things,
they should be modest.
when they say the right things,
they should realize that saying the right things can be hurtful to the other.
rather than wishing to be worthy or always to do the right things,
they should amply bathe in the sunlight,
without being too serious or tense. 
it would be nice if they have a day when they both are healthy,
being blown by the wind,
and they are deeply touched just by the fact that they are alive.
we hope they will know why they are deeply touched without telling each other.


  1. Happy Anniversary with many many more!

  2. Very Happy Anniversary. :)


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