15 months old.

nicolai was born 15 months ago today.
(and we've welcomed a newborn friend into the world today, too...hi r, we love you!)
nicolai has about 30 words (or his version of the word) he's using consistently and seems to add to that list almost daily.
he continues to use the walker toy, a wall, a table, or our hands to support him while walking...nothing independent yet.
he's still taking two naps a day and sleeping well at night.
we got him a bike helmet, which he doesn't mind wearing at all, as he loves going for bike rides on his little seat behind dad (yes, dad always wears a helmet, too).
he continues to pinch, which we're really, really getting tired of and throws little dry crying fits, even sprawling himself on the floor sometimes...perhaps we'll get the terrible two's out of our system before two even begins???

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