nico's travels.

a couple weeks ago we met up with some of d's family in northern california.
nicolai had a busy trip filled love...
 a nap with pops/grandpa (he's yet to settle on a name).
 lots of bubble blowing with great-grandma b,
great-grandma n,
 and grandma.
 there was a park to explore on two separate occasions.
though the cave could only be entered with dad, as the noise button (he's pointing to) was startling to one little dude.
and dad's cousin to meet.
there was also lots of "hi ty" to great grand-dad ty (not pictured)...they shared many a cracker.
this is basically what he looks like...n has been impersonating him since our arrival home.


  1. thanks for sharing the trip photos!
    So glad you were able to all be together.

  2. California was good to you all! Bubbles and love!


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