saving summer.

d and i spent some time this weekend making red sauce with our many tomatoes.
now it's safely tucked into the freezer for later use.
this sauce is sweet and delicious.
after looking at various recipes here's what we did.

our red sauce
2 T olive oil
2 onions chopped
9 lbs fresh san marzano tomatoes
4 cloves of garlic chopped
1/2 c fresh basil chiffonade
salt and pepper to taste

peel tomatoes by first cutting a criss cross on the end opposite the stem side.
then plunge them into boiling water then ice water. 
remove the peeling skin by hand.
next remove seeds from the tomatoes by slicing them in half and running your fingers through the seeds to force them out.
heat oil in pot and caramelize onions.
then add the basil and garlic, stirring to cook.
add the tomatoes.
bring to a simmer then lower heat and cook 2-5 hours stirring occasionally until you've reached desired thickness (lid removed).
eat right away or let cool then freeze for later use.

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