dinnertime: pasta.

last week d and i threw together a meal with items on hand.
we used no measurements...sorry.
"bacon" and kale pasta
olive oil
kale (we used frozen)
pasta (we used whole wheat macaroni)
homemade tofu "bacon"
parmesan cheese

prepare tofu bacon (could even be done before hand).
boil pasta water and cook pasta to your liking.
meanwhile saute garlic in oil then add kale, salt and pepper.
drain pasta and add pasta to kale in pan.
splash with as much or little cream as you desire.
spoon into bowls, top with "bacon", and grate parmesan over the top.

our bacon starved vegetarian palettes swear this is bacon pasta, though my meat eating sister got a batch from us and says it doesn't.
 she loved it anyway.

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