weekend away.

last month's sunset magazine had an article about saratoga, wy.
d and i thought it'd be fun to head up for a day and check it out.
the article mentioned hot springs, italian food, a bakery...we were sold.
well, meems one up'd us and took the entire family for the weekend.
we stayed at saratoga resort and spa where we had access to private hot springs.
the small springs at the resort were covered by teepees.
we ate dinner at bella's bistro, which we all loved.
saturday while the guys golfed, the ladies and the littles drove over to encampment (an old copper mining town) to see the museum.
it was such a nice getaway and a great time to see new vistas and sights with the changing leaves of fall.
we even drove through some early snow in the snowy range.

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