christmas celebrations via iphone snaps.

our christmas celebrations began on the 24th with a quick trip to the grocery store (i love the busy buzz) and a little cocoa date with meema at our grocery store's cafe.
meems and nicolai got bundled up for some light displays at the gardens.
we watched polar express.
then once nicolai was in bed we turned on love actually and got busy building the rocking horse from n's great aunt and the bike from his grandparents.
christmas morning nicolai came to look under the tree and figure out why mom and dad seemed so excited.
we spent christmas day at our house with meema.
 think: manchego scones for breakfast and finger foods all day...mississippi caviar with tortilla chips, artichoke pesto dip with veggies, homemade potato chips, and sweet and hot nuts.
that night we made tamales and while they steamed, drove across town to find the habitat house light display.
we finished the night with d's favorite...white christmas.

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