could you live without a car?

sadly, our answer is, no.
we are faced yet again with the need for a different car.
while we were on vacation our car died.
it needs a new or rebuilt engine.
some kind friends are letting us borrow their 3rd car, a truck.
at this point, we are not sure what to do: buy an affordable "beater" until we can either save to fix the engine or for a better used car.
we refuse to take on a car payment...we already have a mortgage that necessitates a certain amount of money each month and therefore a certain amount of paycheck is gone (slated to the mortgage) before it ever lands in the bank account.
it's too easy and normal in this culture to steal future money from oneself (debt) and we are very mindful in this regard, so we wait.
we think, we pay attention to that sometimes-elusive gut feeling to point us in the right direction.
clearly last time we chose it was a short term solution...but in the end isn't that true of cars in general...they can be maddening.
what's your favorite car you've ever used?
i had a '69 bug that takes the cake for me and d's would be the mini cooper we loved.


  1. I was very fond of my Mazda RX7 but far and away was The Magic Bus, my 1967 VW Camper Bus! Oh the miles put on it record many happy memories!

  2. I'm not much of a car person and haven't really liked any of my cars until now. I have a Subaru Forester and love it.


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