21 months old.

nicolai makes us laugh a lot...not that he's trying.
sometimes while driving in the car or waking up in his crib he'll start to talk and repeat a phrase over and over.
yesterday it was, "oh my gosh", which he said at least thirty times...on other occasions it's "oh man" or "oh my goodness".
he loves pointing out busses, trucks, and emergency vehicles with lights ablaze on the road or from our front window.
he loves peanut butter.
he watches d use the peanut butter machine at the market to fill our container.
then at home he asks for it by the spoonful.
he is quite taken by his uncle ryan (the only uncle he's got) and remembers all the things ryan does.
he often tells me that uncle ryan likes limes when noticing them at the market or in our fruit bowl.
the other day nico was helping me decide what he should wear and told me that he'd wear his bear shirt, adding that uncle ryan said "roar".
i suppose once when he was wearing it this occurred...i wasn't sure, but i've learned that nicolai is rarely wrong about what he sees, hears, or remembers.

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