imperfectly handmade.

yesterday we attended a one year old's birthday party.
i decided to try my hand at making a little elephant toy/pillow for her, inspired by nicolai's new "diego".
i sketched up a shape i liked (enough) on paper and cut a wider version onto fabric (allowing for seam).
i cut the pieces (2), i cut an ear shape (4),
 i sewed two ears together (inside out, then turned), sewed a tail piece (inside out, then turned), sewed ears each onto one elephant silhouette (facing backwards, so i could fold them back while ironing them flat and hide my seam), 
then pinned the elephants together, sewed around the edges (inside out), turned the pieces right side out,

 stuffed it, sewed up the opening by hand, sliding in a tail piece as i closed it up.
next time i will sketch a roundness to the back end, but overall it was worthy of the little one year old, whom i'm quite sure won't notice elephant's imperfections.

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