little + little = less. (1)

(a friend asked me if i'd ever considered writing a book.
i thought maybe this space would be a good one to share my ideas/content for now.
little + little = less is filled with my ideas to declutter and simplify in all areas of life in order to have a more peaceful life.)
your walls
walk through your home taking a look at the things you have hanging on your walls.
are they things you made, bought on vacation, gifts you've received, family photographs, art from large chain stores, purchases from local artists?
do you still like each one?
is it still relevant to you, your decor, your taste, your current lifestyle?
leave the meaningful items right where they are, but if there is anything that doesn't belong anymore pull it down.
make a pile of the items that just don't make sense inside your home and set them aside for a while (we'll deal with them together).
put them in a place they're out of the way but safe (a closet, the garage, on top of the fridge).
now go back through the house with a hammer and quickly remove those nails/hooks/tape that held the unnecessary items.
you can stop here and just enjoy your clean and more open space.
maybe that bothers you, so if you have the time, consider rearranging items that you've decided to keep.
you can do this rearranging slowly, quickly, or not at all.
now you can see the items you truly love without the clutter of the items you kept out of guilt, a sense of obligation, or thoughtless acquisition...perhaps you didn't even really notice them anymore. 
now you have space to enjoy as open and empty and/or to fill with meaningful items as you discover them in the future.

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  1. this is beautiful, love it :) a book would be brilliant.


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