the food we eat.

recently d went on a moosewood kick again.
he made:
japanese noodles with tomatoes which i found online here.
we've since made other versions with different veggies, both hot and cold.
nicolai and i made vegan coconut ice cream.
using the leftovers (as it got extra solid in the freezer) i made popsicles by allowing the ice cream to soften and stirring in raspberry freezer jam then freezing in popsicle molds.
we made polenta last night topped with sauteed garlic, onion, and spinach.
and of course we've made bread from d's favorite bread book.
we even delivered it to our bread club members...did i tell you for christmas we gave a few people a "bread of the month" membership?
we bake four loaves of bread (d's choice), deliver three around town to our members and keep the forth loaf for ourselves.
wish some of YOU weren't quite so far away...we'd love to deliver to you, too...you know who you are.
oh, we'd be baking so much bread.
here are some fun links to the author on video.

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  1. bread of the month gift... GREAT idea! love kitchen gifts. just the other day read this post on polenta... some of the recipes sounded yummy:


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